Product Roadmap

Customer Input into Product Roadmap.

A large international B2B software company had anecdotal feedback regarding product quality. The company wanted to find out if the quality perception is widespread and change the product roadmap to address these concerns. CloudMR designed a short Adaptive Survey® project to deliver the answers needed to make these critical decisions.

  1. If you were the product manager for XYZ Product, what would you put on the roadmap for the next six months?
  2. Adaptive Question® among those dissatisfied: What should we do to increase your satisfaction with XYZ product?
  3. Adaptive Question® among those highly satisfied: If a friend or business associate asked you about XYZ product, what would you say?

Using an Adaptive Survey® similar to this, we were able to deliver specific suggestions for the product roadmap and other areas of concern. As a bonus, The XYZ team received general areas of product strengths and specific wording to use in their product literature and other communications. Our client found that there were quality issues and they modified their roadmap to address them which lead to dramatically higher satisfaction, improved targeting and higher sales. The results look like…

Customer Input into Product Roadmap - 2X2 Chart

Customer Input into Product Roadmap - Heat Map


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