The World's First
Adaptive Survey® Platform

GroupInsight’s mission is to ask fewer questions and deliver more answers through Adaptive Survey® Technology.

Groupinsight, the World’s first Adaptive Survey® platform, is owned by CloudMR, Inc. located in Silicon Valley. CloudMR’s vision is to build the next-generation market research platform.

We are constantly improving the next-generation online survey system through these and other initiatives...

  • CloudMR Adaptive Surveys® that dramatically reduce the number of survey questions while delivering more answers.
  • CloudMR Crowd Coding – a crowd-sourcing method for categorizing open-ended comments.
  • CloudMR’s patented method for finding the best answers from any set of comments called Instant MarCom®. This algorithm automatically determines the open-ended answer most likely to resonate. It uses comments from anywhere – Facebook, blogs, surveys, and etc.
  • CloudMR Communities integrate with Adaptive Surveys® to deliver two-way, give-and-take conversations with individuals or segments of community members.

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