Revolutionize the Way You Gather & Prioritize Comments and ideas

CloudMR delivers actionable insights in a way most suited to your objectives.
Facebook has revolutionized the way people talk with each other. Now CloudMR has revolutionized the way you get actionable insights from any conversation. CloudMR delivers actionable insights from comments made in any community, forum or survey.

1. Instant MarCom® and messaging :
CloudMR's patent-pending process instantly sorts comments in priority order showing the comments most likely to resonate with other respondents.
  • Best precise answer: The best answer to your question using the fewest number of words, abbreviations or acronyms – those most likely to resonate with others in your target audience.
  • Best detailed answer: The best answer to your question regardless of the number of words required.
  • Coding: Automatic bucketing of comments that we know are the same. You only need to read the remaining top 50 or 100 comments to get a clear picture of the results – a key reduction in work and cost.

2. Respondent Prioritization :
CloudMR's Adaptive Surveys® tests your ideas among customers, your private online community or any sample you choose. Our patent-pending algorithm takes comments from Facebook, WordPress, a survey or anywhere else and systematically pits the best ideas against all others. Use the power of crowds to process hundreds or thousands of comments using importance/performance, popularity, agreement or any other dimensions you choose. Respondents can even pre-code their open-ended comments for your review.

3. Private Online Communities :
CloudMR communities are used to gather feedback in hours or days – not weeks.
  • Goes where you go: Facebook and WordPress integration
  • Eliminates demographic questions: Segments based on registration questionnaire or imported data.
  • Meets strict sampling requirements: Gather and prioritize ideas among members or a rep sample.
  • Easy to manage: Change text, images & organization on the fly.
  • Robust: Includes all CloudMR features
    • Adaptive Surveys
    • Instant MarCom®
    • Close the loop automatically and with individuals or entire segments
    • Built-in incentives
    • Identify influencers and activate them
    • Facebook style interface
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