Delivers actionable insights in a way most suited to your objectives.

CloudMR is the next-generation online survey system that turns open-ended comments into actionable insights delivered through...
  • CloudMR's patent-pending Adaptive Surveys® that combine the best features of qualitative and quantitative research.
  • CloudMR's patent-pending Instant MarCom®, an automatic algorithm that consolidates comments from anywhere – Facebook, blogs, surveys, etc.
  • CloudMR Communities, two-way, give-and-take conversations with individuals or segments of your members.
CloudMR is a robust market research tool designed for professional market researchers. Use it yourself or contract with our professional team for...
  • Community development management.
  • Research design and analysis.
  • Custom enterprise systems.
CloudMR is a privately held corporation located in Silicon Valley. Our vision is to build the next-generation qualitative market research platform.
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